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Client Interviews

Anthony Cosgrove
Independent FEX Telesales Agent

"After the first 6 weeks of using this program I have written $25,471 in AP on only $2,800 Ad Spend!"

Richard Kim
Independent FEX Telesales Agent

"I am so glad that I decided to pull the trigger and go all in. Ever since then things have really started to happen!"

Dave Molitierno
Agency Manager - Innovative Financial Group

"If you guys are looking into working with Perpetual Intent Marketing don't even think about it!"

Ryan Smith
High Production Final Expense Agent - DBGA

"I can vouch for these guys too. When I signed up with Jason, he never left me hanging when I needed it. I am super glad I signed up!"

Danny Ray
Owner - Pinnacle Quote

"We have had ROI from 5-1 to 10-1 on a weekly basis and some days were we have been 25-1!"

Success Stories

"We have been running our own campaigns for months now and have had tremendous results! The best part is that you physically own your campaigns so you're not worried about overpaying or a vendor running out of leads. Thats true independence. In my opinion this is hand down the best Final Expense program that you can find. I highly recommend it if you are in the Final Expense Industry"

- Danny Ray
Owner - Pinnacle Quote
"Leads are the lifeblood of our business. I wanted to have direct control and access to be able to control my pipeline. After talking with Jerry and I made the investment into my business. This system is Amazing and the process has been really easy to use. This system has allow me to drastically scale my agency because it proves a consistent way to help my agent stay profitable.  "

- Dave Molitierno
Agency Manager - Innovative Financial Group
"This program has worked out fantastic for me! I am truly grateful for having met you guys. In 6 weeks I have spent $2,800 on ads and have written 28 Aps, so 1 App for every $100 spent. My total AP for those 6 weeks is $25,471. My pickup rate has been over 60% on the very first call and I am closing 20% of my leads generated. If you guys are looking to get someone who will actually help you and knows what they are talking about, they are a great option."

- Anthony Cosgrove
Independent FEX Telesales Agent 
"I have been working with Jason and Jerry for 3  weeks now and there has NOT been a single day that I haven't closed a deal with only $100 daily Ad Spend. After this month is over I am going to look to scale my personal business into an agency because this is definitely a feasible business model. There's no reason that anyone else looking to join the program can't replicate my results and grow their business."

- Richard Kim
Independent FEX Telesales Agent
"I have been running my own chatbot leads for a few months now and it has completely changed my business. I was able to have my best month ever with DBGA, writing 28K in Final Expense. I can vouch for these guys! Jason has always been there when I needed help and I am super happy I joined the group"

- Ryan Smith
High Production FEX Agent - Digital BGA
"I highly recommend this program for any agent. I started about 5 weeks ago and in the past 3 weeks have been able to write nearly 10K in AP! I don't like to say it, but for me the chatbot leads are just a lot easier."

-David M. 
High Production FEX Agent - Digital BGA

Client Successes

What are the different types of leads? 

Our system will produce multiple lead types for your business. You will be generating prospects from Facebook from CLEAN ADS (aka no words like benefit, free or social security AND it says life insurance). You'll also receive high quality CHATBOT prospects that have been vetted through an automated chat conversation to build rapport and maximize conversions. 

Will I Need To Create My Own Ads?

No, we will be creating all of your ads for you using our highest converting advertisements. You'll also get access to our ad vault that's currently 18 pages of our best performing ad copy and images(and growing). We are constantly updating these resources for our clients. After getting comfortable with the system, some agents want to try their own copy. We'll give you simple instructions to make this happen. 

How Much Will I Need To Invest For Ads? 

At the beginning of the program and initial advertising launch we recommend $100 daily for ads with the lowest budget of $75 daily. This budget can be adjusted after 3 days once the advertisements have had a chance to gain momentum in the market. This is NOT a "waste" of money because you will be generating leads as soon as your ads start spending money. For teams ad spend will depend on number of desired leads. 

How many agents are in the program?

We want to keep thing program very limited because every agent will be working directly with us to build out a custom system for their business. We will be handling all the work ourselves as well (we don't outsource anything) to ensure each agent gets tremendous results. Presently, we only take on 2 new agents a week. 

What about sales help?

Need sales advice from the PROS? We've got you covered! We have a plethora of sales scripts, recorded calls and interviews from successful Final Expense sales agents. 

What is the typical lead cost?

One cool thing about the program is that we are not just providing one singular lead source. Providing one source can definitely work out but having multiple lead sources provides much more consistent results. You will be generating prospects from Facebook for between $4-$7 and high quality chatbot prospects for between $15-$25. You will have the option to generate more of one type after determining profitability 

Is this program only for a team of agents?

Nope, this program will work great for small teams but it is also great for high production agents for agents looking to make a big push in the game. Once this system is built out, you will have the option to build onto it by bringing on new agents into the mix. Having a robust internal prospect generation machine provides a great recruiting tool for agents because you can guarantee exclusive leads at wholesale pricing. 

How much time will this take?

This program is designed for the agent who doesn't want to waste any time dealing with tech and setup. This is why we handle the entire initial process for you. After the setup process is complete you'll just check in to ensure everything is running smoothly(and make quick, easy updates if needed). After the first few weeks of getting used to the platform you will need 4-6 hours a month to maintain everything.

What if updates are made to the platform?

This is one of the great things about this program. You will get free lifetime updates inside of our private support group. We are constantly testing new processes in the background to find more efficient ways to generate leads. Once we find a better process or the platform makes an update we give it to you instantly. 

What about support?

Great question! The answer is...we don't leave you hanging. Although your Facebook ads and Chatbot will be set up perfectly(to your exact standards), you might have questions along the way. Because of this, you'll get LIFETIME access to our Private Group(and we're always willing to step in and help if you need it)

A Quick Overview of the Process

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