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Here's What You'll Get!
  • A comprehensive and detailed walkthrough on how to generate your own HIGH INTENT PROSPECTS(not just leads) with NO tech experience required. Whether you're a Facebook newbie or expert, this course will walk you through every step needed to ensure that you'll be generating QUALITY leads at a fraction of the cost!
  • We’ll show you the best methods to find YOUR PERFECT BUYING AUDIENCE. There are millions of seniors on FB, but who do we select(and who do we stay away from)? We'll walk you through exactly how to LASER TARGET your audience without limiting yourself - you'll learn how to bring in quality prospects without wasting time on non-buyers. 
  • Access to our constantly updated Ad Library!  You're here because you want prospects who actually want LIFE INSURANCE(not non-existent social security programs). And to do that you can't put out spammy ads. Every member gets access our 20 page Ad Library that contains our best performing Ad Copy, Photos and Headlines. We DO NOT use spammy Ad Copy with baity words like "Free", "Social Security", or "Benefits"... and thus you get prospects who are ready to buy!
  • Access to our Coveted Private Facebook Support Group for members only!  In this community you'll have direct access to Jerry and Jason(and of course the other successful group members). We share our all the best secrets and marketing progress here. Of course we're here to answer any marketing questions you might have and give you updates ASAP, including new ad copy and updated strategies! 

Our Refund Guarantee

We want YOU to WIN! But you've got to put out the effort. Here's our action based SATISFACTION guarantee. If you put in the work and don't get results, let us know within 30 days of purchase for a FULL REFUND. View Our Terms of Service Here.

See What Agents Are Saying

"Leads are the lifeblood of our business. I was looking for a better way to have control of the flow and of my business. These guys have been non stop help and support for my business. This is going to give you A-Z of everything you need to get going, it's the easiest program I have ever seen. I have been consistently been generating leads for under $5! "

-Dave M.

"With my agency Pinnacle Quote, these guys have been a huge part of our lead generation. They have been a vital piece to our success. I can assure you that this program and this relationship will become a major positive impact on your business."

-Danny Ray 
Agency Owner 
Pinnacle Quote

"Update on how AD ASSASSINS just kicks ASS!! Turned my leads on at 11:20pm last night, We wrote 4700AP today off the leads!! Been going at it since 8:30am, we should have done a lot more!! Half my day was maintaining my Term business. ROI is 28-1!! We still haven't reached out to 1/3 of the leads. We generated 78 Leads at $2.12 each! Wrote nearly 15K in the first week!"

-Danny R.

"Thank you, Jerry Moore. This rookie had her best day!!!! Wrote $2,796 in AP today and its my first week! So far 62 Leads at $2.28!"

- Lisamarie M.

"Thank you Jerry for all your help! I highly recommend Jerry's one-on-one coaching program to get your FB in kick-ass shape! I've generated 447 Leads at $3.57 average!"

-Leland J.

"Jerry, thank you for all you've done to help me develop my FB lead marketing platform. I appreciate you and look forward to growing. I've gotten 400 Leads at $5.09 a piece" 

-Bruce M.
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